Tips To Use TikTok As A Corporate Communication Tool

Tips To Use TikTok As A Corporate Communication Tool

A set of actions involved in controlling and coordinating all domestic and foreign communications is known as corporate communication. Considering this broad description, business information is frequently condensed in just two ways: the written word (international and domestic reports, news releases, and mails) and the spoken words (domestic and foreign presentations) (meetings and interviews). Isn’t it past time to broaden your horizons? Would emojis, Instagram postings, influencers, and TikTok clips have a role in the corporate sector in the age of social media?

The Shift From Formal To Informal Communication

Collaboration technologies like Slack, Hangouts, or Microsoft Teams drive the march toward more informal corporate communications. However, with much more casual interaction, there is a danger of phrases becoming lost in the translation. Using textual communication to describe what’s going on can sometimes be time-consuming and may not assist you in communicating what you’re trying to convey. An image is truly worth a million words in these situations. It would help you buy TikTok likes and makes your information passed on to a large community of audiences.

Humans Are More Responsive To Visual Information

While it may seem hazardous, there is data backing up the premise that using social media to make business developments – notably TikTok – might be more entertaining for both staff and prospective customers. Visual data reaches the brain 60,000 seconds faster than a word, and visual data accounts for 90% of all information conveyed to the brain. Furthermore, after three days, individuals only recall 10% of whatever they hear; however, if a relevant visual is combined with that information, people will remember 100%. As a result, it should not surprise that humans receive visual communication far better than words.

With this in perspective, TikTok could be one of the most effective social media platforms for sharing corporate news. Unfortunately, written communication and long-form movies can’t match the network’s authentic freshness and intensity. The short-form amusement platform was developed because real, innovative, and visual communications are more remembered and entertaining. It’s difficult to disagree with that logic, considering that our recent whitepaper, The fundamentals of influencer marketing & advertising – TikTok with YouTube in focus, discovered that greater than 14% of 16-25-year-olds around the world claimed TikTok influencers encouraged them to interact with information more than Twitter or YouTube.

If the same degree of involvement could be reached via corporate communications utilizing TikTok, it might reinvigorate the HR departments of any company or brand. As TikTok experts, we propose using consumer-like tactics for internal messaging, but only if a gentle approach is suitable. In practice, this entails making lighthearted, conversational short clips that immediately capture the audience’s interest.

The Debut Of TikTok For Companies And Availability

However, because TikTok has become such a new medium to many people, availability may be a challenge for any company trying to use it for internal communications. However, the recent announcement of TikTok for businesses should assuage any fears. The new capability features an e-learning facility that will assist organizations in learning more about TikTok. It is the network’s first product, particularly for companies and enterprises. It will feature product guides, tools, and creative techniques to assist any company in developing a compelling corporate campaign while also learning more about the platform’s capabilities.

While it may seem strange, using TikTok to incorporate messaging could boost a company’s culture and work engagement. This ‘business’ TikTok could appear remarkably similar to the popular consumer version, with distinctive and entertaining videos that entice employees to share or contribute, resulting in a more interconnected and friendly workforce.

The Era Of Communication

The manner we communicate is altered as a result of social media. Quick, brief communications, various graphics, videos, animations, modifications in terminology, and pop culture are all factors to consider. Science communicators have utilized social media for communicating science and interacting with the public. The much more popular networks are still WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, and there is always vitality that compels us to stay current.

You may have aware of TikTok, a Chinese social media platform that has topped 1.5 billion installations worldwide since its launch in 2016. TikTok delivers 15-second videos that are frequently accompanied by pop music and are presented in a casual, conversational, and hilarious manner. In addition, the software includes video editing capabilities and simple, special effects that can transform regular users into expert videographers and superstars.


Finally, TikTok has become a sensation in its proper right, participating in improved integration and creating a slew of ethical questions. We believe it is worthwhile your time to look at it for even more than 15 seconds.